Why Did I Get Married Too

If you saw Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married and like it then you will like this one.  The first has laughs and drama and some tears, this one has more laughs, more drama and boy did it have tears.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, but this one I must admit had me captivated too. For any one that is married I am sure you will be nodding your head to many things in it, I certainly did.  I knew this film did not get good reviews, but everything is subjective, was this a great film, no, could it have been better, yes, the ending needed work, but all in all I enjoyed it.  I did feel there were a couple of stereotypes and things don’t get that easily resolved but it’s a movie, it can’t run for hours to show issues get resolved.  I know that some people will see a little of themselves or others in the characters or at least in the situations or some of the complaints.

The film is about four couple friends who meet for their annual reunion vacation. They share news and laughs about their lives and marriages. The forever loud suspicious wife and enduring husband Angela (Tasha Smith) and Marcus (Michael Jai White).  The perfect on the outside but broken on the inside Patricia (Janet Jackson) and Gavin (Malik Yoba).  The emotionally unconnected Terry (Tyler Perry) and Dianne (Sharon Leal). The newly married Sheila (Jill Scott) and Troy (Lamman Rucker).

The writing was not the most imaginative, the acting was great, especially Janet Jackson as Pat, at the beginning like the first movie so so, but towards the end her acting and role got stronger. Mike (Richard T Jones) didn’t seem to fit in there that much he just showed up, but you kind of got why he was there a little after the middle of the film.  It would have been better to explain why Troy (Lamman Rucker) could not get a job especially as he was a cop.  I personally think  this is worth a watch, it was funny & emotional, an enjoyable little movie with a great cast.

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Just Wright

I have seen pretty much all films starring Queen Latifah, and think she is great in a comedy role.  In my opinion Queen Latifah gives her characters a sparkle.

First let me tell you what the film is about.  Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) is a physical therapist who is hired, and ultimately fall is in love with, to help a basketball player Scott Mcknight (Common) recovering from a career threatening leg injury.

This is a sweet love story, that yes is a little predictable as it’s not that hard to know what comes next, but for me I didn’t care because I enjoyed the performances of Queen Latifah and Common.  There is the right mix of low-key drama, witty comedy and romance.  I felt that Queen Latifah really helped the film out, she made it good.  It may sound like I am gushing over her as she is one of my fav actresses but with all honestly the film needed someone who is a strong performer to make the film less lack luster-y.  Queen Latifah’s performance aside, the plot was very predictable and ‘seen it before a million times’ feel to it.  The writing was somewhat lazy, there was no real punch to it, although it did have a few comedy moments, I don’t know if it’s the writing or the delivery from Queen Latifah.

I really believe that if anyone else played the part of Leslie Wright the film would just lose the plot, she made the film.  I think you should see this movie, Queen Latifah gave a great performance and made the sweet love story sweeter. This may appeal more to the girls than guys unless the guys are Queen Latifah fans, then they will like it too.

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The A Team (2010)

I love it when I plan comes together!  Growing up I used to watch ‘The A Team’ every time it came on (in some cases re-runs).One of my top films to watch when growing up, so When I heard that they will be remaking it, I was both excited and dubious.  A modern take in lines of the action, like it, but will it, in my eyes, live up to the comical and entertaining 80’s tv series, I couldn’t wait to find out.  But who will be able to make the roles of ‘Hannibal’ ‘Baracus’ ‘Faceman’ and ‘Murdock’ shine like George Peppard, Dwight Schultz,  Mr. T and Dirk Benedict did?  Well the cast line-up showed promise.

The A Team (Liam Neeson-Hannibal, Bradley Cooper-Faceman, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson-B.A. Baracus, Sharlton Copley-Murdock) escape military prison with the aid of CIA in order to retrieve US dollar printing plates and clear their names of a crime they were framed for.

My run down of the film is:

  • great action: explosions, fighting scenes and shooting, all you want for a top action film
  • witty comedy: it stayed pretty true to the witty banter that the 90’s tv series had
  • solid writing: it had some lame lines here and there but that’s what made the tv series fun
  • top performance: the cast played true to form and made the film very entertaining

I really enjoyed watching it and was thoroughly entertained, I think they did the original justice, I would definitely like to see a sequel, and Dear Writers can you make Bradley Cooper take his shirt off some more, it is integral to the story, really!  Go out and see it you wont be disappointed.  One last thing, if you are am A Team fan you may miss the classic ‘I pity the fool’ as it is never said even once in the film but them again Mr T carried it off really well and even though Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson was good as B A I don’t know if it be as good said by him.

For all of you who like me are fans of the 80’s tv series, here is a little something for you.


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Our Family Wedding

“Our marriage, their wedding”, never truer words have been said, when you get married the parents, more the mothers are the ones that take over the wedding, and in this film the wedding seemed to be more about the couples family than them.  This rings just a tad like “Guess Who?”, but still holds its own.  It does seem very cookie-cutter type of comedy with moments that you will think to yourself that was an obvious outcome, yet it does give you quite a few laughs.

Lucia (America Ferrera) and Marcus (Lance Gross) have yet to meet each others family, more-so each others fathers, add to it a wedding.  the couple learn that the path to a happy wedding is one filled with clashing cultures, egos and whole load of havoc.  Returning from university, Lucia and Marcus announce that they are both leaving to volunteer with Doctors Without Borders, but before they do that they will be getting married in 3 weeks.  Before they can say ‘I DO’ they need to easy the fires of two ego-charged fathers, and a host of insane family members.

This is by no means a great comedy or even romcom, it is however an enjoyable comedy.  This is for a nice night out (or if you are here from the future and its on DVD, a nice night in).  The writing is typical, which was sad as the cast was great (Forest Whitaker,Carlos Mencia,Regina King,Diana-Maria Riva,Lupe Ontiveros, America Ferrera, Lance Gross), the acting in some parts over done (maybe due to the so so writing), the storyline same old same old, but it still fits well into the comedy and romance slot.  Expect some laughs, a couple of ‘aaww’s and nothing much else really, well I enjoyed it for the most part and most people who like un-demanding films will settle in well to this one.

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Killers (2010)

Finally got to see this film, from the trailer I was half & half about seeing it, loved the last few films that Katherine Heigl made but was so and so with the last few from Ashton Kutcher.  I’m actually glad I did end seeing it, I was laughing from start to finish.  I know that the reviews were not all that great but after spending days trapped entertaining kids this non-taxing film was a like a cool drink on a hot summers day (was that a little too much??), well it was nice to unwind to.

Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl) recently unattached goes on holiday with her parents Mr & Mrs Kornfeldt (Tom Selleck & Catherine O’Hara), there she meets a charming young man Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher).  Three years later the couple are married and Jen finds out Spencer is a hired government assassin, with a 20 million dollar contract out on him, and oh yes their friends are trying to kill them.

I actually thought the story line was interesting, and the writing was not bad at all, some daft parts but overall pretty funny.  This is not an action film but it does have action, it is mainly a romcom, and in my opinion a funny one.

I thought that Ashton Kutcher could have done better in this role at times he seemed to be a little stiff in his acting, I enjoyed watching ‘Just Married’ and though he did better in that more than this.  I haven’t made up my mind whether I though the casting of Katherin Hagl and Aston Kutcher together was  good, at times they seemed to have chemistry but most of the time they seemed like an odd couple, or maybe that is how it was meant to be cast, in which case, good casting.

If you wanted to see this for the action, you won’t enjoy it; there is little action to satisfy an action junkie (which I am one).  If you want a funny romcom that des not ask too much of you then you will enjoy this film. I do recommend you to see it; it’s not a bad little film.  Oh quick note, loved Tom Selleck and Catherine O’Hara was funny with her bloody mary breakfast.


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The Losers

Two words for you ‘Crazy Action’.  This film had me gripped from the get go, an emotional beginning, an energetically funny middle and a little unanswered but witty end.  This is my no means an amazing best ever kind of film but it is a must see for action fans, although it may seem like it is a guy’s film I believe girls will enjoy it too, I did.  It was not just same old action film, but more action with humour like the older film/tv programmes (A Team being a good example) or not so old ‘Die Hard’.  I love action film but hate action for the sake of action.  While this film did leave a lot of WHAT??? plot holes it did not take away from the enjoyment of the film, and most of all did I mention ‘action with humour’, it was so funny Jensen (Chris Evans) was on top form “She’s got a gun…and it’s pointed at my dick.”, may not mean much now but watch the film and you will be laughing.   Oh yes, of course Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Clay) was all rugged and damaged, just how I like my lead action man to be.

The Losers is about 5 elite US special forces (Jeffery Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Idris Elba, Columbus Short, Óscar Jaenada) who are sent on a mission to the Bolivian jungle, but end up being framed for the death of a helicopter of children and presumed dead.  They set out to get their lives back and area approached by a mysterious woman Aisha (Zoe Saldana) to get Max (Jason Patric) the man the framed them.

This film is fast paced, it gives you no time to settle, the humour is scattered around so it blends in well not just burst of funny.  There are a few predictable parts, but when is there an action film that wasnt predictable, and some missing plot lines that will leave you asking questions, but in my opinion they are not that bad that it takes complete focus from the film or leaves the film completely confusing, you can still follow it.

For action fans this is a must see, for sit back action viewers, you will enjoy this one, and for those that have a loose end as to what to do in an evening, there are worse films you can watch so give this one a go.

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Remember me

Get a hankie at the ready this is a weepy.  Even though I like the Twilight Saga series (there I admitted it), I wasn’t rushing to see this film, from the trailer Robert Pattinson looked broody and troubled in this (minus the vampire teeth) as he does in Twilight.  Surprisingly he un-brooded himself a few times to make the film a little interesting.

Tyler (Robert Pattinson) is a troubled college student, haunted by his brother’s suicide and his fathers detachment from his sister and him.  He falls for an equally trouble girl called Ally (Emilie de Ravin), a witness to her mothers murder and suffocated by her over-protective cop father. A romantic drama of two lovers who’s lives connect in an unexpected way and fall  to a tragic ending.

Yes I cried, you cant help but do so, it has its poignant moments.  Without giving the ending away, when watching a film like this you expect either a happy or sad ending and in some ways this film had both, when you watch it you will see what I meant by happy.  Although I found this film heartfelt, at least couple of the subject matters, the film as a whole was so so, nothing special, it appeals more to the tweens especially if they are Robert Pattinson fans, those who are older may not find it as appealing, but all in all its worth a look

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